floating dock

5' wide more stable on the water, Foam filled, virtually indestructible.

Wave Armor dock is the simplest, safest, and most user friendly floating dock available.  It’s foam filled so it floats no matter what happens. It sits low in the water to blend in with the surroundings and will look new for years.  It goes together easily; the home owner or your dock installer will appreciate the ease of assembly.

Here's How it Goes Together

putting together your floating dock 
Individual pieces of dock lock together with our unique H beam on the ends or sides of the dock sections. Wave action or rough use has no effect on the dock. 

Fasten the dock to the bottom with dock pipe anywhere along the dock where you can find a good bottom.  You only need posts about every 20’.

floating dock post attachment kit   floating dock section
  Attachment kit can slide along the length of the dock until you find a good bottom for mooring.   Dock Sections are 10' (120") x 5' (60").

Examples of Dock Packages
floating dock
  30'x16' floating dock system

12O"X60"Dock Sections (4) x 1399 =$5596
  24" Dock H connectors (3) x 140 =$420  
30" Corner Section (1) x 150 =$150
  Post Attachment Kits (4) x 95 =$380  
4' dock Bench (1) x 360 =$360
  Dock Bench Mounting Kit (1) x 215 =$215  
  Pipe Covers (4) x 40 =$160  
    Example Above = $7281  
  A Simple 30' Straight Dock    
  120"x60" Dock Sections (3) x 1399 =$4197  
  24" Dock H connectors (2) x 140 =$280  
  Post Attachment Kits (2) x 95 =$190  
Example Above =$4667
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