how we deliver products wave ports on a trailer
An Otter Island on a trailer Wave Ports on a trailer
We’ll often deliver product on a trailer. The images above show a single Otter Island and a couple of jet ski floats stacked on top of each other. Sliding the product off a stack isn’t difficult but it usually takes a couple people. Our drivers are generally retired men who are excellent drivers but not “muscle men”. They can help slide product off the truck but do need help. If you can’t arrange jet ski dockfor helpers we can sometimes send another man but his wages as a helper need to be paid. We usually charge $15 per hour and the charge is for the entire travel time, but $50-$75 might be worth it to some customers.

Getting the product to the water is the owners responsibility. Otters and Jet Ski floats weigh about 300 lbs. Pushing one across the lawn is easy but if you’re going to carry one, you’ll need a couple stout men. We sometimes deliver to the local launch site. People sometimes tow them across the lake. We’re often told that getting it to the water was the most difficult part, especially if you’ve got a hill or sea wall. Generally speaking installation is a fairly simple project.
Parts shipped via commercial freight lines will usually be delivered on a semi trailer truck. When possible we recommend shipping to a business location but in most areas we can ship to a residence or lake home. If you have a location that a semi cannot access, we’ll need to figure something different. The freight line will call before delivery to set up a delivery “window”. You’’ need helpers to get the product off the truck.
waterfront products delivery by common carrierTwo Jet Ski Floats, ready to go via commercial truck delivery. This load weighs about 600 lbs. When the truck arrives you can cut the packaging and slide them off one at a time but they are still big 300 lb. hunks of plastic. You’ll need a couple stout men.

We appreciate our internet customers but don’t want customers to be angry or disappointed when the delivery arrives. In many areas dock installers will handle all the details and often, charges for delivery and installation are included in the price. Not always, so be sure to check. Some of our customers have been upset because they were surprised by the size and weight of our products. We have great products and great prices but we don’t want anyone to be surprised. Again if you will have difficulty handling or installing the product it might be wise to have a marine industrial professional do it.

This is a load of dock and jet ski floats. A load like this should go to a commercial address and should have a fork lift to unload.

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